Another Strike at Internet Cafes Offering Illegal Gambling – This Time in Massachusetts

Police raids result in equipment confiscation

It was announced towards the end of this week that the state of Massachusetts saw three police actions aiming at illegal online gambling in three internet cafes, two of them owned by a town councilor. The three cafes are located in Fall River, Fairhaven and Chicopee, and they were revealed thanks to the neighboring businesses who complained about them.

According to the above mentioned councilor Leo O. Pelletier of Fall River, he is being “unfairly targeted by the state attorney general, Martha Coakley, who is looking into the legality of the online sweepstakes games offered in the cafes.” He explained that upon starting the business with the internet cafes, he made it clear that they would offer the sweepstakes games.

“On the business permit, I spelled it out for them: New England Internet café and sweepstakes,” he explained, assessing that before prosecutions are launched, the AG should decide on the legality of the ‘sweepstakes’ practice. “I don’t think I should be punished because the state has not made a determination one way or another,’’ he opined.

“How can I be penalized if the determination was not made? If it was made and I opened up and I ran it, then of course, I should get locked up and arrested, but I think it should be noted that I have not been arrested.’’

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