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Cinergy was a little late getting into it, but its December acquisition of Rose Technology Group vaulted it into the top five companies in the industry, Smith said. After the merger, Cinergy Business Solutions changed its name to Vestar. About two-thirds of Vestar’s business is now in Canada, although business is growing much faster in the United States, Smith said. Technology, especially the Internet, also is creating more opportunities for Vestar to figure out ways to generate savings – and make money.

The company uses data gathered by monitoring buildings to determine whether they can reduce its operating costs and make money for itself, Smith said. Companies such as Cadence, which monitors clients’ utility costs at multiple locations nationwide, can provide needed data. Cadence is partially owned by Cinergy. Our Tax Depreciation Specialists in CITY NAME visit your property and inspection the building, assess the construction and record all depreciable plant with budgeting forcasting¬†areas. Silicon Energy, in which Cinergy has an investment, can monitor other building functions using the Internet, Smith said. And, Enermetrix, in which Cinergy also has an investment, can negotiate lower utility rates over the Internet.Using these companies cuts Vestar’s costs because it doesn’t have to send engineers to monitor buildings to determine if the company can generate savings for owners. ”Now we can find opportunities even in efficient buildings,” Smith said. Toy giant Hasbro is attempting, through a year-old ”Fantasy Factory” development division, to transform itself into an entertainment company that markets properties for television, theater and other live entertainment, publishing, online play and other projects.

Hasbro is launching a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign for an Action Man toy line in the United States and an upcoming animated television series on Fox Kids Network as part of the effort.The show was developed with the help of young toy buyers and TV viewers who the company has long relied upon to test toys. Hasbro’s Boys Toys Division, based in Cincinnati with 400 workers, has virtually every department handling some aspect of the Action Man toy line in the United States – sales and marketing, sculpting, packaging, engineering and quality assurance, Hasbro Cincinnati spokeswoman Holly Ingram said. ”It’s the holy grail of toys to be on both sides of revenue streams by owning the toy and entertainment side of a property,” said Eric Johnson, professor of management at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. ”When it happens, it’s a grand slam.” Hasbro, the world’s No. 2 toymaker behind Mattel Inc., hasn’t stopped looking to Hollywood for toys, such as its product line linked to last year’s ”Star Wars” movie: ”Episode I: The Phantom Menace.” (Hasbro’s Star Wars line is also handled in Cincinnati). But the company believes it can also wring new profits out of old favorites by putting popular toys on television with a fresh story.